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The goal of this blog is to be a blessing and resource to other moms and caregivers looking to provide allergy friendly and fun snacks for children with food allergies and sensitivities. Have your kids with allergies been to Mother’s Day Out, Preschool, Camp, VBS? Have these places ever offered creative snack crafts that your child couldn’t eat? Have you ever wanted to provide them the same fun and sensory experience the activity provided but in a safer way? Or maybe you’re a teacher or planning these type activities ..is there a way to make if fun, safe and inclusive for everyone? I have been in both of these situations. It wasn’t until I walked a mile in my Momma shoes that started to wonder if my time, research and ideas could be a help to others. My daughter, “Miss Watermelon” began preschool with her food allergies to egg and sesame when she was three. I learned to dread snack crafts!!! I had a learning curve of managing food and life with a non top 8 allergy ( sesame). In addition, I’m admittedly an earth muffin-y mom who wants my kids to know and appreciate real food without tons of sugar, processing, and artificial colors. While that is my lean, ultimately I will send my kiddo with allergy friendly marshmallows when duty calls! All in the name of FUN FOOD FOR ALL ergies!

Your doctor is the must go to resource about allergy-related issues.  These suggestions are just tips that have made our lives with food allergies more fun and safe for us.



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