A little bit of food allergy heaven is coming to TOWN! click below for early bird tickets!

I’m so excited that the annual Gluten & Allergen Free Expo is coming to town!!!

SAVE THE DATE! Sat-Sun, November 15-16,  9am-3pm.

I went last year and you can read that post here. Basically, the expo is just amazing!!  I love seeing so many vendors in one place that “get” food allergies. I found many of them to be knowledgeable about our non-top 8 allergy (sesame). I came home with coupons, swag and samples for us to enjoy. Thanks to this expo, Miss Watermelon now has a gluten free bread to eat that doesn’t taste like a dry sponge! We love Scharr bread at this house! Major yummy allergy friendly food brands you may be familiar with will be there too like Udi’s and Enjoy Life. I was happy to learn of local bakeries providing specialty breads like paleo diet breads (dairy, grain, and gluten free) . I flitted around like a kid in a candy store ! I think you will too! They also have speakers offering educational sessions and authors present. If you’re new to food allergies or have been doing this gig a long time I highly recommend you check it out! Early bird priced tickets are on sale right now so I recommend getting one in the next several days before the price goes up! You can click here and take advantage of that now 🙂 You will save 8 dollars on the ticket price now until October 31. 12.00 for adults. 2.00 for kids.   Enter the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. The day of the event tickets are available for 20.00 for adults.

Also, I almost forgot… I found a very cute epi pen and auvi q carrier that we bought at the expo last year! I hope to get another one this year!

I’m an official blogger for the event this year which means I’m going to do my best to bring more people into the little slice of food allergy heaven- Let’s all show up and encourage them to keep this good deed going!! What about you? What are you most looking forward to about the expo? Tell us below in the comments 🙂


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Gluten and Allergen Free Expo attended! More fun snacks coming down the pipe!

A friend forwarded me an email from Market Street Grocery  Store this past week. It contained a gold mine for  people like us! This email contained news of an Expo just for gluten free and allergen free goodies!!! So, another friend caught wind also of this glorious event and off we went. She was actually a veteran and knew half the people there because she had worked the event for her company a couple of years ago. Lucky her!

Well… I wondered if it would be worth the ticket price. I was sooooo skeptical. However; I was quickly won over and the swag bag and samples to take home were very impressive. The joy of speaking to so many vendors who actually had heard of a sesame allergy (Miss Watermelon’s worst one)….wow. I still pumped them for info because it was feeling to good to be true! And they took it in stride of course. I landed some great new finds that will be making our lives easier and yummier and of course will be safe. I can’t wait to make some allergy friendly fun snacks and share them here! Stay tuned!!

The expo is traveling to several cities. Check it out if you have the opportunity! http://gfafexpo.com/