Fresh Fall Allergy Hacks for Cornucopia Snack Crafts!

Here are some fun and fresh ways to remake the fall holiday treats for the little loves in your life!

A cornucopia of fruit or candies (I vote fruit of course; however…. some allergy friendly candies are some made by Yum Earth and Surf Sweets…and you’ll be avoiding artificial food dyes)

I couldn’t find the author of this image that is abundantly found on pinterest and other web linky places. But, thank you, whoever you are, for this ! Make this gluten free by using Let’s Do Organic Gluten Free Sugar Cones!

fruit in sugard coneHere is another cornucopia treat done by the craftpatch blog. You can soften the end of the cone with water to curl it up like a cornucopia. I imagine children having fun filling in their cornucopias as they explore new treats. For teachers and therapists looking to make it even more educational they could use initial letter cards to have children match to the fruit’s name… or scale it for literary development on several levels. Also, for non verbal children they could request each fruit using a picture of it. (You just can’t take the speech pathologist out of this food allergy mama). I’m also thinking a song adapted to familiar tunes using the fruit names or colors could make the handing out of the fruit fun.


cornucopia treat

Another allergy friendly candy other than Yum Earth and Surf Sweets is Skittles (tons of fake stuff in them but easy to find at a store). I personally love They have top 11 allergy free candies that is seasonal and fun. Double bonus is that they are dye free and all natural.

Have fun snacking and crafting! What is your on your list for fun snacks for the upcoming holidays?


5 ways to save money when buying allergy friendly products: ALLERGY HACKS!

Allergy friendly products can be pricey! If you’re not making it from scratch on your own expect to pay a little more for those store-bought cookies or bread etc.

Here are the top 5 ways to not break the piggy bank!

1. Visit the stores closest to you and write down prices of your favorite convenience allergy food (pizza, cookies …you get the idea). Plan to visit these stores at least once a month to get your favorite staple stock up at the best price.

2. Visit the manufacturers you love on their websites and sign up to get emailed coupons and sometimes purchase directly from them at a great rate.

3. Sign up for subscribe and save on for your favorite allergy friendly items. You can choose to sign up for recurring delivery monthly, every two months or spread further apart. When you choose to have 5 items you have subscribed to delivered in the same month.. you save 15%!!! We also love our Amazon Prime membership in conjunction with this. (Our annual membership means free two-day shipping and free streaming movies and option to rent movies)

Amazon Subscribe & Save

4. Coupons, coupons, coupons… reward program and coupon some more! Don’t forget the weekly ad specials and Wal-Mart’s matching policy.

5. Check out Azure Standard. 

They are kind of like a co-op with drop off points.  Produce and processed natural and allergy friendly products can be purchased through this company.

How do you save money on special allergy friendly goodies? Tell us below in the comments! 🙂