Allergy friendly staples for Top 8 allergies plus sesame allergy


I never buy processed snacks for my kids.

I wish that was the case. But when we are on the go or traveling, or going to places where kids are eating a corporate snack..they are a lifesaver.

GREAT TIP – We keep nonperishable allergy friendly snacks around –
Especially our car! Emergencies happen to us and others and it is great if the little people around us have something to keep them fueled and chill while emergencies are being sorted out. We have brought some of these listed below to preschool classrooms and church nurseries with my child’s name on them before; however to reduce risk of cross contamination I have also individually bagged servings for them from the large box items like cereal.

Top 8 free:

EnerG brand bread
Enjoy Life brand products
Rice Chex brand cereal
Freeze dried apple crisps sold at Costco
Clif fruit rope
Fruit Leather strips sold at Costco
Cape Cod chips
Juice boxes
Water bottles
Applesauce pouches
Glutino fruit/ cereal type bars
Cape Cod Craisins
Fruit cups
Check each box’s ingredients and call manufacturers to verify these are safe for your children- manufacturing practices can change quickly. I guess this is one of those “disclaimer be careful, don’t sue me” kind of statements.

My all time favorite snack for my kiddos is always going to be fruit and veggies, but you know, those don’t keep in the car very long! I confess we have tested that theory out once or twice. Bleh. Car food science lessons culminate quickly in Texas heat.

* We have learned the hard way that brand names matter for our family as every manufacturer treats sesame differently and it can be an undeclared cross contaminant that will mean a serious reaction for us.

Here are some direct links for internet purchase through amazon because some of these allergy friendly foods can be hard to find in many towns. I often purchase through online so I get a larger quantity at a lesser rate. If you click on the cookie link it takes you right to my Amazon!
Enjoy Life Sugar Cookies