Update: How to win free tickets to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Dallas!

The Expo is coming! The Expo is coming!

You are going to love it!!

Here is the link that tells you how to buy tickets at early bird prices with code EARLYBIRD… However.. great news for you Dallas area readers! I have four tickets to give away. To be entered into the drawing follow these steps:

1. Follow this blog by enrolling your email address in the corner.

2. Like the Funfoodforall(ergies) facebook page.

3. Tell us below what allergy yummy or friendly items you are looking forward to seeing at the expo…..

4. Do a happy dance that expo is coming to town and post it to youtube with hashtag#funfoodforallergiesmademedoit…Okay,  just kidding about that ! But aren’t happy dances and food allergy expos great?!

I will email the lucky winners next week!

Happy Happy Day is coming very soon!

Happy Happy Day is coming very soon!


Sometimes its Food Fun Time/ Sometimes its Epi know how time.

I just had to share a post from another allergy blog that I follow. She shares the nuts and bolts and talked with an allergist about the recent tragic deaths that occurred in children with food allergies.


Kids with food allergies can have fun with food too?!

YES! While my eldest child will not complain to receive some of her favorite treats in lieu of building with pretzels, gummies and frosting…there is something to be said for making a way for her to participate in these fun snack shenanigans!

The goal of this blog is to be a blessing and resource to other moms and caregivers looking to provide allergy friendly and fun snacks for children with food allergies and sensitivities.

Have your kids with allergies been to Mother’s Day Out, Preschool, Camp, VBS?

Have these places ever offered creative snack crafts that your child couldn’t eat?

Have you ever wanted to provide them the same fun and sensory experience the activity provided but in a safer way?

Or maybe you’re a teacher or someone planning these type activities ..is there a way to make if fun, safe and inclusive for everyone?

I have been in both of these situations. It wasn’t until I walked a mile in my “Momma shoes” that started to wonder if my time, research and ideas could be a help to others. My daughter, “Miss Watermelon” began preschool with her food allergies to egg and sesame when she was three. I learned to dread snack crafts!!! I had a learning curve of managing food and life with a non top 8 allergy ( sesame). In addition, I’m admittedly an earth muffin-y mom who wants my kids to know and appreciate real food without tons of sugar, processing, and artificial colors. While that is my lean, ultimately I will send my kiddo with allergy friendly marshmallows when duty calls! All in the name of FUN FOOD FOR ALL(ergies) !


Meet Miss Watermelon -she is in charge of quality control for allergy friendly snacks and food fun around here.