Fresh Fall Allergy Hacks for Cornucopia Snack Crafts!

Here are some fun and fresh ways to remake the fall holiday treats for the little loves in your life!

A cornucopia of fruit or candies (I vote fruit of course; however…. some allergy friendly candies are some made by Yum Earth and Surf Sweets…and you’ll be avoiding artificial food dyes)

I couldn’t find the author of this image that is abundantly found on pinterest and other web linky places. But, thank you, whoever you are, for this ! Make this gluten free by using Let’s Do Organic Gluten Free Sugar Cones!

fruit in sugard coneHere is another cornucopia treat done by the craftpatch blog. You can soften the end of the cone with water to curl it up like a cornucopia. I imagine children having fun filling in their cornucopias as they explore new treats. For teachers and therapists looking to make it even more educational they could use initial letter cards to have children match to the fruit’s name… or scale it for literary development on several levels. Also, for non verbal children they could request each fruit using a picture of it. (You just can’t take the speech pathologist out of this food allergy mama). I’m also thinking a song adapted to familiar tunes using the fruit names or colors could make the handing out of the fruit fun.


cornucopia treat

Another allergy friendly candy other than Yum Earth and Surf Sweets is Skittles (tons of fake stuff in them but easy to find at a store). I personally love They have top 11 allergy free candies that is seasonal and fun. Double bonus is that they are dye free and all natural.

Have fun snacking and crafting! What is your on your list for fun snacks for the upcoming holidays?


Allergy Friendly Fruit Pumpkin Snack Craft

I’m excited about the fall! Little people are too! So let’s make them something fun, healthy, and delicious that targets their taste buds, fine motor skills and ability to follow simple directions. If you are a teacher or a caregiver or a mom or dad… you’ll find this simple snack craft to be a huge hit! (*Think* class party inclusive snack craft that is fun food for ALL(ergies)!  )  A series of fall focused snacks will be following shortly here and after I go to the Gluten Free Expo you can expect further inspiration! (You may want to check back at this blog soon or enroll your email in the box on the right for subscription because I get to do a ticket give away soon for the Gluten Free Expo!) pumpkinsnackcraft

Best ingredient list ever for busy snack planners :

      1. Seedless Clementines aka Cuties

2. Celery

*If celery is an allergy try substituting another green veggie like green bell pepper.

The great thing is this snack craft is done simply in advance also if this is just a “bring an allergy friendly goodie to class thing”.

You can let the children peel them for extra fine motor practice and fun or you can do it in advance. Chop up the little celery stalks to fit snugly in the center of the clementine with a little sticking over the top like a pumpkin stalk. I sliced them into 1.5 inch long slim strips. You may have to have more than one “pumpkin” per child if they are ravenous fruit eaters like the inhabitants here in Miss Watermelon’s world. I can’t complain about that though, right?!

What is your favorite allergy friendly fall treat?

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A little bit of food allergy heaven is coming to TOWN! click below for early bird tickets!

I’m so excited that the annual Gluten & Allergen Free Expo is coming to town!!!

SAVE THE DATE! Sat-Sun, November 15-16,  9am-3pm.

I went last year and you can read that post here. Basically, the expo is just amazing!!  I love seeing so many vendors in one place that “get” food allergies. I found many of them to be knowledgeable about our non-top 8 allergy (sesame). I came home with coupons, swag and samples for us to enjoy. Thanks to this expo, Miss Watermelon now has a gluten free bread to eat that doesn’t taste like a dry sponge! We love Scharr bread at this house! Major yummy allergy friendly food brands you may be familiar with will be there too like Udi’s and Enjoy Life. I was happy to learn of local bakeries providing specialty breads like paleo diet breads (dairy, grain, and gluten free) . I flitted around like a kid in a candy store ! I think you will too! They also have speakers offering educational sessions and authors present. If you’re new to food allergies or have been doing this gig a long time I highly recommend you check it out! Early bird priced tickets are on sale right now so I recommend getting one in the next several days before the price goes up! You can click here and take advantage of that now 🙂 You will save 8 dollars on the ticket price now until October 31. 12.00 for adults. 2.00 for kids.   Enter the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. The day of the event tickets are available for 20.00 for adults.

Also, I almost forgot… I found a very cute epi pen and auvi q carrier that we bought at the expo last year! I hope to get another one this year!

I’m an official blogger for the event this year which means I’m going to do my best to bring more people into the little slice of food allergy heaven- Let’s all show up and encourage them to keep this good deed going!! What about you? What are you most looking forward to about the expo? Tell us below in the comments 🙂


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Rice Krispy pops! An allergy friendly alternative to cake pops

Snack craft version to do with kiddos: Ingredients: (and the brand names that work for our allergy set)

  • Erewhorn Crispy Rice Cereal
  • Kraft Marshmallows
  • Tropical Traditions coconut oil ( virgin oil has yummy coconut flavor..their expelled pressed has no coconut taste…or sub your favorite allergy friendly oil)
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
  • Let’s Do Organic Sprinkles


  •  1.Do the usual rice krispy treat recipe steps, but then shape and roll the krispy treats into balls
  • 2. Refrigerate the treats 1-2 hrs if it is as hot as Texas in the summer
  • 3. Insert stick and reshape ball
  • 4. Dip in melted enjoy life chocolate chips
  • 5. Sprinkle with natural sprinkles Rest on wax paper to harden chocolate or stand in a repurposed cereal box on its side in which you have punched holes. (again refrigeration may help to set the chocolate)

*this whole recipe could be done with use of a microwave if cooktop is unavailable!

Involve children at age appropriate levels…mine are at the dip it in frosting and lick your fingers stage!

next adventure : Do with TropicO’s ….   What is your favorite allergy friendly snack on a stick? Read labels and call manufacturer to verify safety for your own use.2photo

You say Fruit Loop necklace… I say TropicO’s necklace!

It was a very happy day when I met the “freedom foods” rep at the gluten free expo in Dallas last year! That is when this little snack craft became a reality.

These are actually lower in sugar compared to fruit loops and non gmo, all natural – to boot! The kids LOVED their cereal necklaces! Mine was tasty too 🙂

From “freedom foods” website:
From “freedom foods” website:


TropicO’s are delicious fruit flavoured cereal rings of rice, corn and wholegrain sorghum. We only use natural ingredients like sweet potato extract and gardenia flower extract to add colours naturally to our TropicO’s.

Free from gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy, sesame, soy, and eggs
Made with all natural colours and flavours
Low in salt
Good source of fibre
Preservative free

This will not work for those with corn allergy.

P.s. This was not a free sample review thingy..I did this review independent of free products. We just love snack crafts 🙂



Exhibit A: Fruit Kabobs!

Here it is. The first snack craft of the fall.

this could be the first alternative you have found to offer for your child with food allergies when everyone else is having shortcake on a stick or something non allergy friendly.

That is after all how I found myself thinking up this yummy Snaaaaaack Craaaaaaft.

Some shout snack craft like one on the top of the Himalayas with pride and with a flourish!

Some whisper it like revealing an exciting secret.

And then we have what I recall as a lovely nasal whine reminiscent of those from Cranston, Rhode Island. My local Rhode Island friends would knowingly say – ” that is the CRaaaaaaaaNNston whiiiine” . Some may not think it lovely. But I love all you Rhode Island types and wicked awesome accents. Heh, heh.


Okay, so not EVERY camp/school should hand their wee ones pointy stick objects….so – take it down a notch if we must and do this on a disposable straw.


You might just save someone’s eye and your job. “Common sense” must rule over our “snack crafts” as much as one can put those two together in a sentence. ‘Cause usually they are there just for fun.

I could do that step by step picture blog here and then the voila one like you see on Pinterest all the time. We don’t really have time for that though, right?! because we have SNAAAAAAACK CRAAAAAAFTS to make !

Okay here is the skinny on cool developmental things to do with this craft. I’m a speech pathologist, and I can’t help but look at most crafts as an enriching opportunity for language or other developmental nuggets…(we are always keeping mind the ages of the kabob makers and connoisseurs)

Language: labeling, following directions, requesting
Fine Motor: I’m not an occupational therapist so I don’t recall all the cool lingo and grasp; ( chime in OT friends!!) however this uses the little muscles in fingers and hands and could be great for concentration! They could wash and help prepare the fruits

    this can be a long or short

snaaaaack craaaaft.
General: sequencing, patterns ( this is great for early cognitive and reading skills); amp it up with one to one correspondence to copy a picture of alternating fruit…and you’ve also hit on some early math sparks.
This is healthy and it is real food!!!

Fruit ( shown are bananas and strawberries)
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips ( microwaved and stirred and drizzled) you have to use this brand if you want it to be dairy,sesame,gluten and nut free etc
Kabob sticks ( older less sword fighting snackers)or straws ( for sword fighting snackers like my little dude)

Tips: fruit allergies can happen-so know your allergic diners well and ask “Mama” or “Papa”  a week  in advance and she will know you are an Amazing Wicked Awesome Snaaaaaaack Craaaaaaft Maven. You can do it!

And now here is the question…. What  recipe/snack craft is before you that you are scratching your head about? Chime in with a comment /question and I’ll help if I can!